Sat 01 July 2017


You might have noticed, that our new park is a bit far off from Mainz city center. But no worries, nobody has to walk. There will be free shuttles running all day long between Mainz central station and the LFP venue and the other way around, starting 9:00 am. Jump in, ride on, have a good time - sounds good, doesn't it?

Please note: there will be plenty of shuttles in use, but due to the huge amount of visitors, some waiting time will be unavoidable. Please note that the shuttle ride will take about 20-25 minutes. Please keep this in mind when planing your travel back to the mainstation in Mainz. In case that you have a tight schedule to reach your train, we recommend leaving the party a bit earlier in order to avoid missing your train.

Those of you who will have some time left, can wait on the festival site until the first rush is over. We will have two bars running and will also play some music until 23:00.

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