Sat 01 July 2017


Please find the answers on frequently asked questions in this section. We can't give valid information on some aspects, but be assured to find them here within the next days.

  • Entry

    Entry: Saturday July 2nd 2016 - 10 a.m. doors open
    End: Saturday July 2nd 2016 - 10 p.m. end

  • Address

    Messepark Mainz-Hechtsheim
    Genfer Allee
    55129 Mainz

  • Entry

    The event is 16+. There will be ID checks. No re-entry!

  • Taxi & Shuttles

    After the event, there will be a suffiecient number of taxis waiting in front of the venue.

    Taxi numbers for Mainz:
    Taxizentrale Mainz +49 6131 91 091 0
    Taxiservice Mainz +49 171 98 807 22

    Apart from taxis, there will also be return bus shuttles waiting at Mainz Main Station. They will be available all day taking you to the venue & back.

    Bus Shuttle Times
    to be announced

    Since most guests will leave the park around 22:00, the return buss shuttles to Mainz main station may be delayed slightly. That's why we advise you to stay on site for a little while after the Festival. If you have to catch a certain train, please leave in time!

  • Can I return my Tickets?

    Tickets are non-refundable, but can be used by anyone regardless of the name on the ticket. Although when using free public transport services if your name is not printed on the ticket we cannot ensure that the ticket will be accepted.

  • I've bought multiple tickets, now my name is on all of them. Will my friends will be able to enter the festival as well?

    The buyers names is being printed on the ticket by standard, but will not be checked at the festival entry. Even though this means tickets can be passed on, please only buy them from people you know.

  • Is there free entry for the escort of severely disabled guests?

    The entrance for the escorting person of visitors who are in a wheel chair or carry a severely handicapped pass is free. Please note that most areas, like VIP-Area or Stages, aren't unhampered by barriers and can't be accessed by wheel chairs. Due to this and the heavy security regulations, we can't sell VIP-Tickets to visitors who need a wheel chair.

  • Can I bring my own Food & Drinks?

    Food and drinks may not be brought on to the premises. There are enough bars and food stalls in the Park.

  • Where do I find the timetable?

    The timetable will be released in the last weeks before the event. As known from last year, we will offer you a mobile-friendly version of the timetable that keeps you up-to-date during the festival so you do not miss anything.

  • Will there be any LFP Merchandise available for purchase?

    There will be a flagged stand selling merchandise between the floors.

  • Will there be locker boxes?

    Yes, there will be a sufficient amount available in our food tent.

  • Safety Precautions - What is not allowed?

    The following items may not be brought on to the festival premises:

    * bulky items (eskys, camping equipment, flags, chairs, etc.)
    * any kind of weapons, permitted or not by arms laws (knives with a blade of more than 12cm, truncheons or batons, irritant gas, brass knuckles, etc.). These weapons and their bearers will be reported to the police immediately!
    * items that do not fall under arms laws, but may present a danger anyway (kitchen knives, army knives)
    * professional photo and film equipment
    * medication in unusual doses or not in its original packaging
    * flammable or accelarating goods, fireworks, pyrotechnic devices
    * sharpies, permanent markers, felt pens (excluding make up)
    * animals (excluding guide dogs and police dogs)
    * aerosol spray cans, corrosive, flammable or staining substances or items and containers containing substances that may pose a health risk or are flammable (excluding standard lighters)
    * items and containers containing fluids (nail polish remover, body lotion, pefume, etc.) in unusual amounts
    * mechanical instruments for noise-making (megaphones, gas-pressure fanfares, etc.)
    * drums
    * promotional or commercial objects and items of any kin

  • Am I allowed to bring a lighter?

    Customary lighters are permitted.

  • Which types sunshades can I bring?

    Due to the high security standards, only a few types of sunshades are allowed to be brought on the festival site. Click here to see, if your sunshade is allowed

  • Which types of tents can I bring?

    Due to the high security standards, only a few types of tents allowed to be brought on the festival site. Click here to see, if your tent is allowed

  • Ticketsupport

    If there are any questions regarding your e-ticket, please get in touch with

  • Any open questions left?

    Don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook oder E-Mail - We will do our best to answer your question as quickly as possible

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