Sat 01 July 2017

Allowed objects

Tents and sunshades

Afterwards you find some examples of tents and sunshades you may take with you when visiting Love Family Park and some examples, which we can't allow due to the high security standards. As we can't list all available types of umbrellas, please read the list of following criterias and check if your tent or sunshade applies to them. Please note that tents may only be built at the edge of the festival site and not in front of the stages or on the floors.

Umbrellas applying to all of the following criterias are allowed:

- small span
- plastik or bast material
- no sharp or dangerous edges or endings as well as thick iron parts
- small telescopic umbrella

Umbrellas applying to one of the following criterias are not allowed:

- containing thick iron bars
- higher than 1 meter
- dangerous, sharp edges or endings

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